Butyl Sealing Strips



An above-average quality butyl strip with excellent properties and suited to universal use. For seals in industrial and construction applications, such as e.g. structural engineering, system building construction and metal construction, shipbuilding, vehicle construction and silo construction, air-conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and solar technology, staircase construction, in the engineering, electrical and electronics industries, as well as for industrial, greenhouse and roof glazing.


Special sealing strips for particular requirements in industrial, vehicle and construction applications, with the focal point in the glass industry.

  • Fast and simple processing from the roll or in fixed lengths on request
  • Different print core inserts (central cores) are processed for particular requirements
  • For elastic seals, different core inserts can be coated with butyl
  • Butyl qualities from different manufacturers can be processed depending on your requirements
  • Special-purpose versions can be developed individually to satisfy your requirements